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To all our valued clients we do our best to serve you more. Unfortunately there are some people out there that don’t care about their own credibility. These are the list of people/companies that are blacklisted in our company. If you are doing any business with these people/companies please be more extra cautious when dealing with them.

If you are new customer attempting to do business with us please avoid doing any unprofessional decision. We are Davao base company, but our customers are mostly from Manila, Philippines. We haven’t meet them personally, but because of our credibility in providing their needs we are doing business together since we’ve started up to present.

Below are the list of blacklisted people/company:

  1. Aristhedes “Aris” Dunay  (Paid but still blacklisted)

    • ►Not paying the balance of ₱0.oo
    • ►Facebook Profile:
  2. RePhil Gas Station
    • ►Not paying the balance of ₱0.oo (Paid but still blacklisted)
    • ►Contact Person – In charge
      • Hicie Pangilinan <hicie.pangilinan@ymcglobal.com>
      • Edith Garde <edith.garde@rephil.ph>
      • Erica Toriente <erica.toriente@orientchem.net>
  3. Jaypee Lestojas


Note: If you wish that your name to be removed in our database please pay your bill and email us immediately at doublejgraphic@gmail.com.

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